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Finished - Claire Kent

This was good.  I've enjoyed just about all of Clair Kent's/Noelle Adam's books.  This isn't a typical romance, though.  I guess it's an erotic romance suspense, maybe?  And it's not all sunshine and roses.  There is a happy ending, but it isn't fun getting there.

Mike, Drayton (hate that name) and Julia are all in a relationship together (they share an apartment) and have been for about a year and a half.  The terms are no emotional attachment, but no sex with anyone outside their threesome, either.

The story starts at the year and a half point in their relationship and things aren't quite right.  Julia is unsettled, Mike doesn't seem happy and Drayton is keeping things from them both.  It goes from there with Julia trying to keep them together and happy, but also working with Mike to try to find out what Drayton is hiding.  Because it starts at a point in their relationship where things are less than stellar, I felt like I couldn't find any redeeming qualities in Drayton.  It was very difficult to see why Julia ever saw anything in him.  He appeared arrogant, obnoxious, selfish and cold.  It seemed to me like Julia had her head up her ass throughout most of the book, not wanting to face the reality right in front of her face.  Always making up excuses.  And she was so clueless about the two men she was living with.  I guess I would be okay with that if it were just sex, as their initial arrangement was described, but things were clearly not just about sex.  I wanted to smack her for not seeing the two men as they really were.  Even in the end, she didn't seem to completely wake up to reality.  The choice was made for her.  Her ability to try to find the good in people and not give up on them was supposed be a very high selling point in her personality and the reason the men were so attracted to her (besides being constantly on for sex), but I ended up not liking her all that much.  Despite that, I thought the story was pretty different from anything else I've read (I generally avoid threesomes), I liked the idea of it and I thought it was pretty well written.