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Always (Book 1): A Wolfe Brothers Novel - Lita Stone

I won this through a BookLikes giveaway.

The heroine is Maggie.  She's damaged.  Her virginity was taken when she was in high school via gang rape.  She never tells anyone because her father was running for Mayor and she didn't want to sully his reputation.  The hero is Cameron.  He's also damaged.  He killed his father when he was young because his father was abusive.  Fast forward some years (I can't remember how many - this book is so contradictory and confused me so much, that I can't even remember the number of years).  Maggie is on a pond or lake in a canoe with her friend, Tilly, and she's getting drunk.  They see a man on shore with a gun.  Maggie manages to tip the canoe over and the man on the shore, Cam, saves her from drowning.  In comes Jags, Cam's step-brother, and resident empath.  Tilly knows Jags and tells him that Cam was going to commit suicide.  Jags then touches Maggie to "read her" and apparently discovers that she's meant to be with Cam.  Also, she's going to have some serious hiking accident.  The story goes from there.  Maggie thinks she's a slut because she was raped and she only does hook-ups.  And she wants to hook-up with Cam.  Cam, on the other hand, experiences uncontrollable rage about random things, so he's made a vow of celibacy.  But, Jags thinks Cam needs to get laid, so he gets Maggie to get her father to rezone the restaurant Cam is buying so that he can fix it up.  Jags then blackmails Cam in to taking Maggie hiking to teach her some basics, in an effort to avoid this serious hiking accident.  Even though it's stated SO MANY times that what Jags "sees" is written in stone.

Every single person in this story is dysfunctional and not a very nice person.  Cam is totally mean to Maggie, but they end up having sex on the hike.  She can't get pregnant because of the rape and he won't use a condom because he's the last man she'll be with.  So, he's been around her twice and decides he loves her.  She completely blows him off.  A couple days later, she almost has sex with his brother, Ajay, in the bathroom at some bar.  And Ajay seemed ready to rape her if she didn't consent (even though she was already the second or third woman he'd taken to the bathroom that night), but then Cam knocked on the door and that stopped it.

Cam ends up killing one of the four guys that raped Maggie when she was in high school.  Anyway, Cam gets out of the murder charges via blackmail (someone does it on his behalf).  I wouldn't be surprised to learn Ajay was one of the guys who raped her (she didn't see all of them, apparently).  Jags is supposed to be this super sweet and sensitive guy that everyone loves, but he's a dick to almost everyone around him during every scene he occupies.

Cam solves all of his problems by fighting.  Fist fighting.  He decides to "remind" Maggie about how dangerous her rapists are by dressing in a black mask and jumping in her car in the parking lot where he asked her to meet him and threatening her with rape and death.

Every other sentence is a contradiction.  She likes him.  She hates him.  He loves her.  He tells her to go away.  They're all completely dysfunctional and need to be on anti-psychotic medication.  But, don't worry..  The Cam/Maggie arc is resolved at the 97% mark after they're separated for months!

All the other stuff about the rapists and the other side characters is left unresolved.