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Night Shift

Night Shift - Nalini Singh, Lisa Shearin, Ilona Andrews, Milla Vane

This was a solid 4/5.  I enjoyed all of the stories quite a bit.

Nalini Singh and Ilona Andrews are pretty much auto-buy authors for me.  The Dali/Jim story and Bastien story did not disappoint.

I hadn't read anything by Lisa Shearin before, but I enjoyed "Lucky Charms" enough that I will purchase the first SPI book that publishes in January.  There isn't any romance in this particular story, but it was entertaining.  Reminded me a bit of Kim Harrison's Hollows series.

I hadn't read anything by Milla Vane, either.  "The Beast of Blackmoor" started out a bit odd for me.  I really was unsure where it was going to go.  But, I ended up enjoying it and will keep an eye out for books by this author.