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Say Yes to the Marquess

Say Yes to the Marquess - Tessa Dare

Tessa Dare is an auto-buy for me.  I've read her entire back list, as far as I know, and I've liked every single book.  This one does not disappoint, either.  Clio, the heroine, is not the typical lady of her time.  She's been betrothed since the time she turned 17 to a childhood friend, Piers.  Piers is a diplomat.  At the time of this story, Clio is 25 and has been waiting for Piers to return from his travels and marry her for eight years.  She's just inherited a castle and now wants to call off the betrothal agreement.  She's tired of waiting and has plans for herself and her castle.  She visits Rafe, Piers' younger brother, to have the necessary papers signed.  Rafe is acting in Piers' interests while his brother his away.  Rafe is the "black sheep" of his family.  He was disowned by his father, who has since died, and makes his living as a prize fighter.  He's a very sweet man and Clio is a strong woman.  It's a sweet story.