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One Night with Her Roommate

One Night with her Roommate - Noelle Adams

This is pretty short.  Sometimes it's hard to get a lot out of the characters when a story is short, but I enjoyed this.  Meg is the heroine and it's told from her point of view.  We get all of her thoughts and she seems kind of judgemental about her roommate and the hero, East.  It's his house that she shares - she rents a room.  He doesn't let go with much personal information, so Meg sort of comes to her own conclusions and she basically thinks he's a slacker.  Honestly, until the end, I had trouble deciding whether Meg was uptight and judgemental or whether East really was a slacker.  But, anyway, Meg's attracted to East and he flirts with her quite a bit.  It was fun witnessing their relationship progress.