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The Virgin's Night Out

The Virgin's Night Out - Shiloh Walker

I received an ARC of this.

I've read a good bit of Shiloh's work and I've enjoyed most of it.  I liked this, too.  However, it's short.  There are two books here - The Virgin's Night Out and Tempt Me, so The Virgin's Night Out ends at slightly after the 50% mark.  I'd read Tempt Me as it was previously published as a stand alone.

So, Sloane returns to her hometown for her brother's wedding.  The night before the wedding, she takes the opportunity to get glammed up and go to a bar hoping to run in to her ex-fiancee who had previously humiliated her by taking off with another woman right before their wedding was scheduled to take place.  She'd put in time at the gym and made herself over in expectation of getting a little revenge.  She mostly accomplishes that and then hooks up with a stranger named Boone for a one-night stand.  They have great sex but the condom breaks and Boone freaks out a little bit and Sloane takes off while he's showering.  Boone tries to find her, but doesn't locate her until the next day at her brother's wedding, which Boone is attending.  It turns out Sloane knows Boone indirectly from writing to him while he was in the military with her brothers.

So, they both have feelings, but don't pursue a relationship.  Boone checks in a few weeks later to be sure Sloane isn't pregnant before he goes on a job.  This is where things went off the rails for me.  Sloane outright lies, has sex with Boone again and then goes on her merry way.  Really bad things happen to Boone on his job.  Sloane has lied about being pregnant because Boone referred to a possible pregnancy as "a problem".  And that's how she justifies keeping such a huge secret from him.  She's refused to tell anyone who the father is.  She's just stated that he's "out of the picture".  When Boone is recovered after being abducted on his last job, he has amnesia, but he has vague memories of a woman.  By this time, Sloane has had the baby.  A girl she calls Dani.  She's moved back home and lives on the ranch with her brother and his wife.  Boone moves to the ranch, too, while he recovers.  Boone takes an interest in Sloane and Dani and, before you know it, Sloane's brother walks in on Sloane and Boone kissing.  Her brother feels a need to warn her about getting involved with Boone, not because he isn't a good man, but because of the amnesia.  At this point, Sloane tells her brother that Boone is Dani's father and Boone overhears the conversation.  He's understandably upset, but he forgives Sloane WAY too easily.  Oh, and he suddenly gets his memory back.  It ends shortly after that.