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Miranda's Mate

Miranda's Mate - Ann Gimpel

It seems like I'm in the minority here, but I didn't really get this.  Miranda, the heroine, is a lycan.  And an assassin.  The hero, Garen, is also a lycan and Miranda's boss - the leader of "The Company".  Miranda has apparently worked for The Company for many years.  She lusts after Garen (he doesn't know).  And Garen lusts after Miranda (she doesn't know).  But, company policy states they can't be involved and the lycan shape shifter thing is a big secret.  Neither knows that piece of information about the other (Garen suspects).  So, it's unrequited lust.  But, then Miranda's latest mission ends badly.  She accomplishes her mission, but she's pursued by the group whose leader she assassinated.  Lars is introduced.  He is her pilot for the trip from Europe to the States after the successful, but compromised, mission.  He ends up helping to save her life.  He's also interested in her.  Garen then shows up when he learns about the trouble.  Garen and Lars are friends from WAY back.  Apparently they've shared women, etc.  When Garen learns Lars is interested in Miranda, he finally makes a move while they're traveling to a safe house.  Miranda then kind of blows him off because she thinks it's just sex for him and that they can't have a relationship.  It's a bunch of back and forth about that particular conflict.

I didn't really get the shape shifter world.  It's all a big secret because humans will hunt them.  But, shape shifters keep the secret from other shape shifters.  Some do know others are shape shifters, but none of them know the others shape shifted form (except Garen's inner circle).  But they all meet once a year in their animal form to play and have sex.  I must have missed something, because I didn't get the need for all of that.

At one point, when Garen is thinking about being with Miranda and he doesn't know if she's lycan, he thinks he could just bite her to turn her.  Except that's against the rules he made.  Then, later, when he knows for sure she's lycan, he laments that fact because it further means they can't be together because she'll discover his other "secret".  There seemed to be a lot inconsistencies/contradictions like that.

I had a hard time feeling the chemistry between them.  They were supposed to be really conflicted about their feelings for one another, but it didn't really matter to me.  I didn't feel any angst about it.  The sex was "unh".  The sex in wolf form was a little weird.