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By Invitation Only

By Invitation Only - Yvette Hines



This was free on ARe, so I thought I'd give it a shot. In this case, it's true that you get what you pay for.


Sally runs in to a guy in the grocery store that she's attracted to, but she barely even talks to him. She bemoans how boring she is. She goes home to her townhouse to clean in preparation for moving to a new apartment the next day. Her noisy-sex neighbors end up having noisy sex and bothering her so she bangs on the wall and yells at them. They invite her over to join. She takes them up on it. Because she's tired of being boring. She lets them tie her to a trapeze and blindfold her. Nope. They finger her, go down on her, etc. Then the girlfriend asks her if she'd like a third to join. Sally thinks of the guy from the grocery store and says yes. She passes out and wakes up in bed with the two neighbors the next morning. She sneaks out.


Sally moves and starts her new job. Her coworker is Jarrett, the guy from the grocery store. He's interested, but not making a move. So, she sluts herself up at her sister's urging. She does things like get on the floor and show him her panties in the guise of looking for a lost earring. She joins the pep squad, at her the urging of her boss, for the company baseball team (because why would she maybe want to actually PLAY baseball) so that she can torture Jarrett further with skin-tight shorts and t-shirts. He resists because he doesn't do sex with coworkers.


They end up getting stuck in the elevator on their way to give a presentation (don't even get me started on how Jarrett FTD-ed a file to a server for Sally - yes, FTD rather than FTP) to their boss. They have sex in the elevator. Now they're hooked up. They have lots of sex. Apparently without using condoms. Nope.


Jarrett invites Sally to a friend's art show. Turns out it's the Sally's previous female neighbor - one of the two she had group sex with. Sally freaks out and leaves Jarrett. Come to find out, Jarrett already knew she had sex with his friends/her old neighbors. BECAUSE HE WAS THERE! He joined in when the neighbor girlfriend asked Sally if she wanted a third to join them. But, he never said and Sally never saw him there. Jarrett's reaction when Sally comes clean about having group sex with his friends/her previous neighbors makes no sense. He goes white. He looks shocked. Etc. What did he think was going to happen when he took Sally to this art showing? And why would he really care, anyway? He's had sex with them himself. He's filmed them. Etc. But, don't worry. Everything's fine after this. They continue to hook up. Six months later, Jarrett proposes.

Also, this was badly edited.