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Lying and Kissing

Lying and Kissing - Helena Newbury

This was an entertaining read. But, you *really* have to suspend disbelief.  The heroine is so naive and the hero is pretty trusting and clueless for a Russian drug runner in the "Brotherhood".  It's kind of like watching one of those SyFy movies where you're yelling at the characters because none of the choices they make are based on common sense and the scenarios in which they are placed make no sense.  For example, Luka's father lives in a fortress, but when Arianna runs out of his home, she's immediately able to find a pay phone. She survives in sub-zero temperatures in nothing but a dress for some time and then is able to flag down a taxi.  Then they slog through knee-deep water in the same sub zero temperature without any negative effects.  Not reasonable, in my opinion.  And that doesn't even touch on their personal decisions, etc.  But, still, it was somewhat entertaining.