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Frisky Business

Frisky Business - Michele Bardsley



This didn't have many reviews, but it had decent reviews and it was on sale for $.99 so I gave it a try.


It's very short and I could not suspend disbelief enough to believe any of it. The heroine, Claire, and hero, Lucius, have known each other for a couple of years. She is actually his personal assistant. She has the hots for him, but he's a playboy, so despite all the flirting he does with Claire, she blows him off and keeps it all professional. But, Claire's tired of pining for Lucius, so she quits her job. He convinces her to stay long enough to help him complete one last event at a BDSM "resort". At the resort, she ends up on the auction block and Lucius, wearing a hooded mask, "purchases" her. Everything develops from there over the course of one night.


I didn't buy it because Claire had a bad experience with BDSM with a previous boyfriend. A really bad experience - one that left physical scars. But, she allows herself to be auctioned off as a slave to a "Dom" that she knows nothing about. That evening, she meets him in the restaurant at the BDSM resort and then willingly accompanies him to his private room. At this point, his identity is still a secret.


The "scenes" were mild and felt sort of forced and cold. They were strangers doing sexual things.


And the book could've used an additional read-through to catch missing/misspelled words.