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Miss Goody Two Shoes

Miss Goody Two-Shoes: Contemporary Romance - Charlotte Hughes

Melanie is the heroine.  Kane is the hero.  Melanie lives in a small town in Mississippi. She is basically the town goody two shoes.  She runs a flower shop and helps her father with his grocery store.  She goes to church, volunteers for things and fosters stray dogs, etc.  Kane is in Prison in Kansas.  He's falsely accused of murder and after serving three years, the real perpetrator confesses on his deathbed and Kane is released.  Melanie had been writing to Kane while he was in prison for the last year.  Her pastor had suggested she become his pen pal (no idea where the pastor got his name, etc).  Kane has never written back to Melanie, but he does read and keep her letters because they mean a lot to him.  When Kane is released from prison, he immediately hops on his motorcycle with $250 in his pocket to find Melanie.  He thinks she can help him find work and a place to stay.  But, he doesn't give her any notice that he's been released or that he's coming to see her.


Melanie's father's grocery store needs work.  She's at his store waiting for a carpenter to show up to rebuild some shelves.  Kane shows up and she thinks he's the carpenter.  When she finally finds out who she is, Kane doesn't explain that he's been "released" and she thinks he's "escaped".  That's about as funny as it gets.


The rest of it is completely predictable.  They like each other.  They don't like each other. Kane is angry.  Melanie does everything for everyone and resents her mom for leaving them.  Everyone in town knows Kane is an ex-convict and no one will hire him.  Melanie does everything for everyone.  They kiss.  They're just friends.  They kiss.  Blair, Melanie's sister, is a bitch.  Blair is pregnant by a married with children man.  Melanie is a virgin.  Kane and Melanie have sex.  Kane and Melanie have sex again without a condom.  Kane and Melanie have a fight.  Kane asks Melanie to marry him and they'll live together with her father in his house.  Blah.