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Rocked: Part 1

Rocked Part 1: A New Adult Rockstar Romance (Billionaire's Obsession) - Bella Wild, Bella Love-Wins

This was completely unbelievable.  Amanda is a female ex-MMA fighter.  She's forced in to early retirement after an injury during a bout.  No information is given as to exactly why she's forced to retire (maybe it's detailed in a future installment), but it's a year and a half or so since her last fight and she's working for a private security firm.  She wants to open her own private security firm so she can plan the logistics rather than stand around guarding politicians.


Johnny is a famous rock star.  He's slightly obsessed with Amanda from her MMA fighting days.  He secretly follows her on social media and knows she wants to open her own security firm.  He has a small tour coming up and decides to hire her to provide security as way to meet her and get close to her.


It quickly escalates and Amanda is hired on the spot.  They have sex that night.  While she's supposed to be providing security.  The next day, the FBI becomes involved because Johnny is getting some serious threats from a stalker fan.  Amanda now becomes his fake-girlfriend bodyguard while the FBI will be working with Johnny's normal security for the tour.  So, Amanda leaves Johnny unguarded late that morning to go for a run.  Then Johnny takes her on a date that evening where she gets blitzed.


Wonderful decisions all around by Amanda.  And Johnny is like a petulant child who is controlled by Kevin his manager/adopted step-father.