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Christmas at Evergreen Inn

Christmas at Evergreen Inn (A Jewell Cove Novel) - Donna Alward

I received this as an ARC from NetGalley.


This is the first I've read from this author.  It's a Christmas novella.


Lainey is the heroine and she owns the Evergreen Inn.  Todd is the hero and he's a police officer.  Lainey and Todd went to school together and have known each other for years.  Each has admired the other from afar since high school, but they've never been more than friends.  Lainey thinks that Todd is a bit of a player because he's dated so many women.  Todd just thinks Lainey is out of his league.


It's before Christmas and there is a big snow storm.  Todd finds a stranded motorist and takes him to the Evergreen Inn, hoping there is room for him to stay the night.  The roads are closed while Todd is there and he ends up having to stay the night, too.  All of the beds are taken at the Inn and some people are even sleeping in the parlor.  So, Lainey offers Todd her sofa.


They end up drinking and reminiscing and end up kissing, etc.  Lainey calls it off because she was engaged to be married a year prior and her fiancee called off the wedding at the last minute (at Christmas).  So, she's been hurt and she thinks that Todd is not serious about her given his past.  She doesn't want to go through that again.


I thought the budding romance was sweet.  The touches and looks, etc.  The flutters and insecurity of a new relationship.


I did find myself a bit annoyed by the final misunderstanding.  It was a huge leap that Lainey made, but it was resolved quickly.