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Easy Love

Easy Love - Kristen Proby

I did not enjoy this story very much.  I'm disappointed because I saw this author highly recommended (in general - not this particular book), so I saw this book on sale for $.99 and bought it without reading a sample (bought the audio, too, and don't like it any better).


Eli is the hero.  He heads up Bayou Enterprises with his brother, Beau, and sister, Savannah.  His siblings let him know someone is embezzling money from their company and Savannah wants to hire Kate, the heroine, to investigate.  She apparently specializes in this sort of corporate issue - comes in as a low level employee and makes friends while investigating, etc.  Eli is an asshole.  He's abrupt, terse, the handsomest man in the world, he works 20 hours a day and he has an electronic black book of women he calls up when he needs sex.


Kate is everything - she's sweet, she's beautiful, she's a badass and she's been abused.  Eli falls in lust with her immediately and creepily kisses her hand upon first meeting her.  After she arrives in town, he insists on taking her to the loft they're lending her while she's in town doing this investigation.  She has abuse in her past, but she doesn't even have a second thought about accompanying Eli.  Granted, she knows his family, but she does not know him.


Eli has a high powered job.  And Kate has an important investigative job.  For all of that, there is hardly any talk of their work.  They both take days off at the last minute and are constantly late.  Kate mostly seems to stumble through her investigation.


Kate and Savannah don't hide their friendship from people at work, but they don't advertise it, either (Savannah is the CFO and Kate ends up being an administrative assistant). But, Eli escorts Kate all over New Orleans - during the day time and in the evening.  And they never run in to anyone they work with or even give a second thought about being seen running around town holding hands, etc.


Most of it just seemed implausible.  There is rape (of a secondary character and no details given), but there is no discussion about dealing with it - counseling or anything like that.  The character just stays with family (to recover) for a couple of weeks.  I think that was glossed over.  I'm sure this particular character will get a book and maybe it will be dealt with then, but it should've been touched on more here, I think.


I don't know.  I really wanted to like this, but I just didn't.  I never warmed up to Eli.  He really just seemed like a big asshole.  Kate was okay, but not someone I'd want to be friends with.  I found myself dragging through this and wanting it to just be over.  :(