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Whips & Chains & Candy Canes

Whips & Chains & Candy Canes - F.L. Bicknell

This was disappointing.  The story needs further proofreading - typos and misspelled words.  The heroine, Jilly, is emotionally juvenile.  She's been "dating" Ford for a month and wonders why he won't have sex with her.  He tells her he's going to be out of touch for a few days and after not hearing from him for a week, when he said he would call her, she immediately assumes he's dumped her and freaks out on him and runs away from him the next time he approaches her.  She was previously married and her husband was bad in bed and supposedly uncaring in general, so she's emotionally scarred and sexually repressed.  Ford just intuits this and shows the most amazing amount of patience ever while she continually doubts his intentions.  After dating for a MONTH.


The characters just seemed like cardboard cutouts.  And forgiving her best friend Ava after her lies?  I don't think so.  Still speaking to maintain the peace?  Sure.  But "besties" would be out the window.