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Under His Skin

Under His Skin (So Inked Book 1) - Sidney Bristol

This was ok.  I liked the hero, Brian.  He's the bass player from a band called Sucker Punch Sunday.  The entire band was in a plane crash and Brian is the only survivor.  He was badly hurt and has survivor's guilt, but he's in pretty good shape (emotionally and physically), by the time this story takes place.  The heroine, Pandora, is a tattoo artist. She's suffered some physical and emotional abuse by a previous boyfriend.


Brian and Pandora have a bit of history from about 10 years prior.  She immediately recognizes him when they meet again (she has/had a crush on him and she's followed his career).  Brian does not recognize Pandora when they meet again.  She's been tattooed and pierced since their first meeting, but it doesn't make a lot of sense to me.  It's apparently the same town where they first met and how many girls/women have the name "Pandora".  Also, she apparently made enough of an impression on him that he has two pieces of her artwork from the first meeting that mean a lot to him.  Putting that aside...


I liked Brian, but I felt like he was a little too pussyish, trying to please Pandora.  He showed patience, which was great, but a little too eager to please.  I'm not sure how I felt about Pandora.  I kind of liked her, but she really didn't show much emotion toward Brian.  She did like and care about him, but spent most of the book trying to distance herself from him.


I saw other reviews stating how each chapter started off with an explanation of tattooing terminology.  I didn't see any of that.  There was talk of ink, a pen for free hand drawing and Pandora's "tattoo machine".  Otherwise, the phrase "tools of the trade" was said a lot.  None of this matters to me, but I wondered if I read a different book.


This was just okay and I won't search out any of the others in the series.