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Billionaire's Lies

Billionaire's Lies: A Novel - Kendra King

I obtained this through Kindle Unlimited.  I read to the 21% mark and returned it.


It's poorly edited.  There are so many missing or incorrect words that it was hard to stay with the story.  The writing seemed very choppy.  It felt very much like telling instead of showing.


Chrissy is the heroine.  She's an accountant for a marketing firm.  Blake is the hero and he's a billionaire.  He made his money as a game developer (along the lines of Candy Crush, I guess).  The two don't actually know each other in person and Chrissy doesn't know what Blake does for a living.  They met online and have had an online friendship for 10 YEARS.  Blake has seen a picture of Chrissy, but Chrissy has no idea what Blake looks like.  Blake has asked Chrissy out a few times, but she always declines.  This time, when they talk, Blake reminds her it's their 10 year anniversary since first meeting online and he asks her out again, telling her it will be the last time he asks her.  She finally agrees to meet him.


Chrissy is nervous that she's being catfished.  After speaking to this guy for 10 YEARS.  I think she's a moron.


They meet in a bar.  She's speechless because he's the most awesomestly handsome man ever.  He then whisks her away in his chauffeur-driven car and takes her on a helicopter ride.  She's afraid of heights, but he immediately puts her at ease.  Then they get back in the car to go somewhere.  He fingers her to orgasm.  Then licks her to orgasm in the parking lot of the building he owns (telling the chauffeur to come back in an hour).  When I stopped reading, he was fucking her against the wall in his building while waiting for the elevator to take them to the top four floors (where he lives) in this office building he owns.


I just couldn't take any more.