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Booked For Love

Booked for Love (Beach Reads Romance Series Book 1) - Cecile Kerry

The first half of the book is about Rachel. She's pretty snarky and doesn't like many people. She also seems to have a tendency to go off half cocked. Her social circle consists of her best friend, Darla, and "Robathy" (Rob), her ex-boyfriend from high school. Rachel owns the only bookstore in town. Darla is her business partner. Rob owns the local bar. Cameron, Rob's best friend from high school, moves back to town. Rachel hated Cameron. In return, Cameron hated Rachel. Now that they're in the thirties, Rachel sees that Cameron is a lot different from how she viewed him in high school and finds herself interested in him.


The story is pretty light on details. Cameron was the star football player and dated the head cheerleader, but he seems nothing like that person now. He hasn't dated in a while because he's "working on himself". He has a chihuahua, he drinks green tea and he does yoga. We don't ever find out why Rob is called "Robathy" or why Cameron thinks he needs to "work on himself". The first half of the book comes to an end and Rachel's story is basically over without Rachel or Cameron having a real date or there being any real romance or wooing.


The second half of the book is Darla's story. I enjoyed it more. She had more of a connection with Eli, her son, Milo's, teacher. But, it also ended without much closure. There weren't any details about how Milo dealt with his mom dating his teacher, etc.