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The Gift, Book 1

The Gift, Book 1 (The Billionaire's Love Story) - Lily Zante

This didn't work very well for me.


Savannah has a six year old son.  She's moved with him to New York to escape an abusive ex-husband.  She is staying in a relative's (cousin, I believe) apartment rent free.  But she is apparently dirt poor.  She takes a temp job at the hero's business and doesn't bother to ask the temp agency when she'll be paid.  It turns out it won't be until January and it's before Christmas now.  She can't afford to give her son Christmas.  She has to get food from the food bank just before Christmas.  But, when she has to take her son to work with her the two days before Christmas and forgets to pack lunches, she has sufficient funds to run out and buy them lunch without batting an eye.  Also, she was in that abusive relationship with her husband.  It isn't detailed, but it was apparently verbally and physically.  Now, however, she has balls of steel.


Tobias is the "hero".  He's a billionaire.  He doesn't trust anyone.  He keeps everyone at a distance.  His personal assistant is pretty familiar, though.  And he has a "Naomi".  She's a high priced call girl.  His DEDICATED call girl. She doesn't have any other clients.  Just Tobias.  And he seems to only pay her when he needs her services.  I wonder how she makes money all the other days of the week.  He likes her because she knows what he needs and she doesn't ask questions.  But, the first scene we see of them together, she asks questions.  And he takes her on vacation with him at Christmas every year.  That whole scenario there seems contradictory.  And it's a huge turnoff for me.  I wish I'd know this story contains an "I only pay for sex because I'm so damaged" hero.  I would've skipped it entirely.


This is a serial, which is stated on the description page, so I knew that going in.  I won't be continuing.