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An Unexpected Affair

Scottish Werebear: An Unexpected Affair: A BBW Bear Shifter Paranormal Romance (Scottish Werebears Book 1) - Lorelei Moone

Derick, the hero, is a reclusive werebear who rents cottages on his remote Scottish isle for extra income.  Clarice, the heroine, is an author who has recently broken up with a cheating boyfriend.  There's very little detail about what happened with the cheating boyfriend.  We just know that he cheated and now Clarice is unable to finish a romance novel she's under contract to complete because she no longer believes in love.  A friend convinces her to get away from it all and suggests this Scottish isle.


Derick is instantly attracted to Clarice, but avoids her because she's human and shifters are supposed to keep their existence a secret at all costs.  Clarice is also instantly attracted to Derick, but she believes he's married and he encourages that belief.  Still, she lusts after him and uses him as inspiration for her contracted novel.


There is no romance to this story.  It's a "fated mate" type of story and they spend the majority of the story avoiding each other.  Once they do come together, it's immediate sex and completion of the mating bond.


The story ends with Derick leaving Clarice after their mating ceremony to go help his brother, Aidan, with some trouble relating to Aidan's mate, which will be covered in story two.  I will not continue.