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Searching for Harmony

Searching for Harmony: A Boston Love Novel - Kelly Elliott

I received this as an ARC from Net Galley.  It was touted as "perfect for fans of Claudia Connor" and I'm a fan of Claudia Connor, so I requested it.  Sadly, I did not find this to be anything like any of the Claudia Connor books I've read.


It's New Adult.  Harmony is the heroine and she's 20.  When the story begin, I think she's about 17 and she's just broken up with her long-time boyfriend because they agree that they love each, but they aren't IN love with each other.  The very next day, she discovers she's pregnant.  Her parents tell her to have an abortion or they'll disown her, because the parents have to be horribly sucky, right?  She ends up being disowned and she marries the father of the baby, Trey.


Skip ahead three years (I think).  Harmony is arguing with Trey about whatever while they're in the car with their son, TJ, in the back seat.  Trey has to work late *again* because he works for his dad and they owe his parents a lot for helping them out, etc., etc., etc.  Harmony is upset about this.  Trey wants to tell her something.  Then they have a horrific car accident.  This is where she meets the hero, Preston (he's 23).  He's a firefighter at the scene of the accident and he works to try to save TJ.  Trey and TJ both die.  Preston and Harmony both feel a connection from the scene of the accident and Preston visits her while she recovers in the hospital.


This drags out for a while.  Preston is attracted to Harmony and spends time with her.  He also makes friends with her brother, Jack.  Preston also has a live-in long-term girlfriend.  Her name is Sherry and she's portrayed as a total bitch.


I am not a fan of this book.  It's supposed to be highly emotional, given all the horrible things that happen to Harmony.  But, I found myself looking at her like she's a big drama llama.  She cries over everything.  When she's not crying, she's "giggling".  I hate for women to be described as gigglers.  HATE IT.  I felt very non-committal about everything that was happening to Harmony while she was breaking down.  I'm pretty sure that's not what the author intended.


Even Preston I kind of didn't care for.  He didn't love Sherry.  He knew he didn't have the proper feelings for her.  But, he remained with her until he finally woke to his feelings for Harmony.  Sherry was portrayed as a user and a total bitch and he still stayed with her.  I don't think that says good things about him or his judgement of other people.


Everyone in the story is black or white - no real shades of gray in their behavior.  Harmony's parents are horrible parents.  Trey ends up being a terrible bastard.  Trey's parents are horrible people.  Sherry is a raging bitch.  Preston's parents are wonderful.


I also found myself seriously questioning how a person (Harmony) who is going to school and working as a nurse could just "run away" for a month (maybe it was two) without any explanation to anyone and come back and pick right back up.  Preston also left his job as a firefighter right in the middle of a shift several times because Harmony had a crying jag about whatever.  This cannot happen without people losing jobs..


Apparently, money is no object, either.  Because nursing and firefighting are such high paying jobs in the city of Boston, right?


Every action was predictable.  This is kind of everything I don't like about NA.


I had high hopes when I saw "Claudia Connor", but I don't think this lived up to that.