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No Regrets

No Regrets - Claire Kent

This was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.


I enjoyed this.  It's very heavy on the sex in the first half of the book.  But, that's how the relationship is defined.  Leslie is a paralegal and she's just had to euthanize her dog, Polly (14 years old and has late stage cancer).  Josh is the new vet at the practice Leslie uses and is on duty when Leslie takes Polly in for an unscheduled visit.  He ends up having to perform the euthanization.


Later, Josh meets Leslie at the park when Leslie usually took Polly.  Leslie is sitting on a bench, not wanting to go home or be at work, and is remembering Polly.  Josh is running for exercise after work.  He sits and talks with her for a while.  Then he asks her to have a drink with him.  They're very attracted to each other and eventually agree to a one night stand.  This is not something Leslie would normally do, but she'd made a promise to herself when she turned 38 to "have no regrets".  To step outside her normal routine and try to live life with no regrets.  She hadn't been doing a good job of that.  But decided to give it a try with Josh.


They end up having a long term hook up.  The agreement is for sex only.  Josh is a very sensitive person and has been deeply affected by things he witnessed as an aid worker in Africa.  He's distanced himself from everyone and refuses to get close to anyone.  Not even the pets he now treats.  Leslie would love to have a serious relationship and seeked them out previously, but has decided to go with this until it doesn't feel right any longer.


The last half of the book is less sex and more emotion.  Josh has a tragedy in his life.  Things get messy.


There wasn't anything surprising about the story, but the characters were likable and it had a sweet ending.