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Fool for Love

Fool for Love - Marie Force

I liked the author's writing, but I kind of hated the characters.


Janey is the heroine.  Joe is the hero.  Janey is engaged to David and has been in a relationship with him for 13 years.  Joe has been pining after Janey a lot of that time, but has tried to keep his feelings a secret.


Janey decides to surprise David (he's living in Boston) one weekend for some random "anniversary" in their relationship.  She finds him having sex with another woman in their bed.  She leaves without David realizing that she's been there, and she returns to her home on the island.  Or tries.  Her car breaks down and she calls Joe for help.


THAT night, Janey tries to get comfort sex from Joe.  He admits that he has feelings for her and that he doesn't want to take advantage of her, etc.  She pushes and pushes until he finally gives in.  And, while he checks to be sure she's on birth control, they otherwise have unprotected sex.  Which is insane.  Janey has been with David all the previous 13 years and just discovered he is cheating on her (which Joe now also knows because Janey told him while she cried all over him).  She doesn't know she's clean.  And Joe has not been idle in the all the time he's been pining after Janey.  He's been off having meaningless one night stands with random women.  So, that makes them both idiots in my view.


Throughout the story, Janey is a selfish asshole when it comes to Joe.  He is completely upfront about his feelings for her and how long he's had them.  And, although, she occasionally says words, words, words about not wanting to hurt him, she barrels full steam ahead with sex with him knowing that doesn't know if she loves him as more than a friend.  She really does not spend adequate time considering how much she could hurt him.


Then the whole Joe & Janey keeping their relationship a secret thing was bullshit.  Mac is her brother and Joe's best friend.  They think Mac will be very upset and so they want to keep it a secret from him until after the stress of his wedding is over.  But, Janey tells Mac's fiancee.  And then swears her to secrecy.  Yep.  Janey is a selfish asshole.  Later, Joe makes a comment about being unhappy about keeping the relationship a secret.  It's like they couldn't make up their minds and and kept contradicting themselves - you both agreed to it, dumb ass.


At the end, Janey makes another asshole move after leading Joe on this entire time.  And then relies on Mac to fix it all.  When Joe doesn't immediately contact her after her asshole move, she gets all upset.  She's a dumb ass.


Then there was the one random chapter that was thrown in to introduce the two characters for the next book in the series.  It was jarring.  So was the random chapter with Janey's mother and David's mother at the diner conspiring to get Janey and David back together.  Janey's mother wasn't completely convinced, but just the fact that she even considered it, knowing that David cheated on Janey, gave me bad feelings.


Despite the fact that I basically hated the heroine, I did finish the book and it didn't take me much time to get through it.  So, I guess I liked something about it.