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Home for Christmas

Home for Christmas (Willow Park Book 5) - Noelle  Adams

I own the Kindle version of this, but I listened to it on audio.


I love Noelle Adam's writing, so I pick up everything she writes, but I have to say the Willow Park series is my least favorite.  While there is sex between the married couples, they are religious.  It's not shoved down your throat, but they are faith-based, so there is a lot of praying to God and attending church services or talking with the local minister (hero from the first book).  That's fine, I guess, but sometimes it make the characters seem so "good".  Everyone is "nice" and has good intentions. Sometimes I feel like it makes the characters feel wooden.


This is my least favorite of the series.  I didn't like Sophie.  Mark is a pretty benign hero and there isn't a lot to get know about him, although he's been in captivity in Afghanistan for over two years before he returns to Sophie.  It seems like there should be a lot going on with him.  And, I guess there is, but a lot of it's internal.  And so it feels like Sophie badgers the shit out of him about how he feels and how he's doing.  It was really getting on my nerves.  She got on my nerves.