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Getting Inside

Getting Inside: A Seattle Grizzlies Novel (Seattle Grizzles) - Serena Bell

I obtained an ARC of this book through Netgalley.


I wasn't sure about this when I read the description. Sports in a romance is not a big attraction for me and I was hesitant about a coach/player relationship. But, I've read other books by this author and I enjoyed them, and I was a little intrigued by the female coach angle, so I requested and received it.


I enjoyed the story. Iona is a strong woman. She knows herself, but she doubts herself when it comes to men and relationships. Partially because of her father and his harsh words about her strength and the career she's chosen for herself and partially because of previous failed relationships.


Ty is a strong man. He's driven and he supports his friends. And he really has the hots for Iona. He has a reputation as a player - he doesn't do relationships. He has family issues and that seems to be why he doesn't really do relationships, but he doesn't seem completely aware of that. And he really wants Iona.


There wasn't anything hinky or skeevy about their relationship. They're adults and they behave in an adult-like manner. They make good choices. The coach/player relationship was a thing, but not really. The issues that kept them apart were more personal and they were resolved in a sane manner. I enjoyed the conflict without all the angst.


I did feel like Iona was pretty self-contained. Aside from her conflict with her father and the doubts about herself related to her relationship with him, it was hard to know her. She felt sort of walled off.