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Down on Her Knees

Down on Her Knees (A Dare Me Novel) (Entangled Brazen) - Christine Bell

This was an okay, fun read.  I’ve read the others in the series and I enjoyed them more.  I guess there’s something about the whole BDSM thing that seems cold or impersonal to me.  And this is talked about as BDSM, but I don’t think it really is.  Or it’s very light.  Rafe, the hero, likes to be in control.  There were some hand cuffs, a blind fold, a flogger and not much else.  I was relieved to find there was NOT some opulent fantasy BDSM palace that Rafe could afford on a detective’s salary.  None of the “scenes” took place at a club.  I find myself rolling my eyes at the word “scene” and it was used plenty.  Anyway, there just wasn’t much in the way of romance.

I think the circle of friends shares way too much personal information.  Also, the names of the various heroines throughout the series are starting to seem sort of stripper-ish to me.