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The Other C-Word

The Other C-Word - M.K. Schiller

I liked this.  The hero, Rick, was pretty close to perfect - very sweet, super understanding and totally focused on the heroine, Marley.  Marley was prickly, but likable enough, I thought.  The character names were pretty horrible (Rick Randy and Marley Mason).  Their romance was fun to follow, but the whole thing struck me as a little weird.  The back story was very serious, but some of the events were just silly and parody-ish.  Or something.  The setting is Chicago, but I think the author is British?  The spelling of some words seemed like a British spelling and the use of certain words.  For example, "infliction" when I was thinking it should be "affliction".  I don't know.  Also, the ending seemed sort of abrupt - wrapped up very quickly and with not as much detail as I would've liked.  I enjoyed the story, but I found it to be a mixed bag.