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Real  - Katy Evans

I just wanted to punch this book, but I love my Kindle too much.  I think this is over-rated in the reviews.  I'm not sure who is giving such high praise.  High school kids?  People in dysfunctional relationships?  Remy is bipolar and Brooke is clueless.  She doesn't question his "moods", which are pretty extreme and can't really be called "moods".  She just doesn't get it.  When he finally tells her, she jumps right in like it's no big deal because she has no understanding of what it is.  She doesn't bother to Google it until the end of the book when she's pretty much broken her word to him.  Despite not really knowing or understanding him, she's completely in love with him.  She's just an immature idiot with her head up her ass.

Remy doesn't really do much or say much, besides lick Brooke and play songs on his iPod for her as a way of expressing his feelings.  He's violent and obsessive.  He refuses to medicate, but once he's manic, he's fine with his handlers shooting him up with tranquilizers to contain him.  None of it's healthy and there are bad decisions all around.  And I'm still clueless as to why he's in to Brooke.  He lays eyes on her in the middle of a match and decides she's the one who will "see" him.  But, she doesn't.  Not really.

I shouldn't have finished the book, but I got to about 65% before I really didn't care at all about the characters.  It's all from Brooke's point of view and she's so angsty and her thoughts are repetitive.  I have a hard time dropping a book, especially if I'm that far in, so I finished.  But, I wasted some hours of my life.