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You Own Me - Shiloh Walker

I expected to enjoy this very much because I like just about anything Shiloh Walker writes.  But, it didn't really do it for me.  I really have no clue what the hero, Decker, sees in the heroine, Lizzie.  They're friends.  They've known each other for years.  They have quite a history.  But, she seems rather spineless/wishy washy.  She's a woman who needs a man and makes bad choices because of that need.

The setup is very much like a story that went around on reddit a month or two ago, as well.  Without spoiling the plot, the reddit story was from the man's POV.  This story is from Lizzie's POV.  There were some differences, but the two stories are similar enough that I couldn't stop thinking about the reddit story as I was reading this book.