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Dragon's Kiss

Dragon's Kiss  - Tielle St. Clare

So, in reading this book, I learned that dragons really like to eat pussy.  In human and dragon form.  This was really heavy on sex.  And I like sex in my (erotic) romances, as long as it's meaningful.  I'm not saying it didn't end up being meaningful here.  There was just so much of it.  I think it could've been a really interesting story if the world were built further.

The hero, Kei, is the king (of somewhere) and a dragon slayer.  He's attempting to slay Effron, a dragon terrorizing a local village, when he's bitten.  Apparently, a dragon bite turns the victim in to a dragon after about three weeks time and dragons are full of rage.  They terrorize villages and cause villagers to sacrifice virgins, etc.  So, Riker, the younger brother of Kei, takes Kei to Lorran, the heroine and "dragon whore".  Lorran is a widow.  Her first husband suffered a dragon bite and Kei was the one to slay him.  So, Lorran is known as the "dragon whore" because she studies dragons after what happened to her husband.  She attempts to help Kei.  They have a whole lot of sex.  Then Kei leaves her in an effort to protect her (his dragon, Nekane, is taking over his mind).  This is when things start to happen.  Unfortunately, this is at the 70% mark.

In the last 30%, we meet Kafe, Kei's evil twin brother.  He tries to take over the kingdom by kidnapping Lorran and threatening her welfare in front of Kei. Stuff happens from there (avoiding spoilers).  The epilogue takes places 22 years later.  SO much that could've made this a really interesting journey was skipped over in favor of sex for the first 70%.

I might try the second book in the series to see if the world is developed further.  Hopefully it is.  Otherwise, I'll give up.