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Chasing Trouble

Chasing Trouble (a Chasing Love novel) (Entangled Brazen) - Joya Ryan

I didn't finish this.  I stopped at 25% and returned it.  I bought Chasing Temptation before I realized it was the second in a series, so I went back and bought Chasing Trouble to read first.  I didn't pay much attention to the description, though, and have realized it's just not for me.

The heroine's name is Jenna Justice (so porny).  She lives in a small town.  Her mother is town home wrecker and has quite the reputation, which the town carries over to Jenna.  Jenna is a kindergarten teacher and purposely lives her life on the straight and narrow, trying to outrun her mother's reputation.  Except for the one night she's out of town trying to obtain grant money for an after school program.  She sleeps with her best friend's slutty bull-riding brother.  And then he conveniently comes back to town to recover from an injury.  He'll be there all summer and apparently wants to continue things with Jenna despite their agreement that it was a one night thing.

I totally don't understand someone staying in a small town despite the town's folk thinking poorly of her because of her mother's behavior.  It isn't like she's destitute.  She has skills she could take elsewhere.  So, I just have a problem with the whole premise and it's best I not continue.