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Twelve Days

Twelve Days: a contemporary romance short story - Ros Clarke

This was okay.  Very short.  But, I also got it for free on Kindle.  All of this author's stuff is free at the moment.  I think all of them are short stories.


Anyway, the writing was fine and it was well edited.  I just wasn't crazy about the heroine.  Kevin is the hero and Laurel is the heroine.  They live together in Kevin's house.  It's Christmas morning and Kevin has organized a flash mob to help him propose to Laurel.  She turns hims down.  The rest of the story is about Laurel's issues and Kevin trying to win her over.  I didn't have issue with her hesitation, but the last part of the story was all up to her while Kevin just respected her wishes without getting angry or impatient.  I wasn't looking for an alpha male.  I did like that he was understanding.  But, Laurel just seemed sort of cold and bitchy.