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Intrusion: An Under the Skin Novel - Charlotte Stein

Beth is the heroine.  Noah is the hero.  The story is in first person, from Beth's point of view.  I read somewhere that the story is inspired by "Silence of the Lambs" and it is referenced in the story.

Beth and Noah are neighbors.  Beth is super paranoid because she was the object of obsession of a man who kidnapped her.  Noah seems to be a recluse.  Beth's neighbors talk about him, but no one knows his name.  The story opens with Beth knocking on his door and accusing him of kidnapping her dog.  He hasn't actually kidnapped her dog and she feels guilty for accusing him when she finds her dog, but she's unsure how/afraid to apologize.  Noah sleepwalks, though, and she finds him standing in her garden, asleep, one night.  Their relationship develops from there.

The story is very much in Beth's head.  And the sex is dirty and titillating.  It's very much a Charlotte Stein story!