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The Understatement of the Year

The Understatement of the Year - Sarina Bowen

In general, I don't read m/m.  I'll read it if it's part of a series (like this one), but I don't search it out.  I don't have anything against it.  I just never thought it would be that interesting to me and I have serious doubts about women writers writing about two gay men in a relationship.  How realistic could that possibly be.  So, anyway - nothing against it; just don't search it out.  But, I read this because I've read the first two and the novella and I wanted to continue.

I really loved this story.  It was kind of heartbreaking.  But ended well.  There is a formula to these books.  And this does follow the formula, pretty much.  So, it was expected, but still heartbreaking to read the first 40 to 50%.  I'm not sure it was all wrapped up at the end adequately, but Michael and John got an HEA and Michael kind of made up for his earlier behavior (even though it was easy to see why he was acting the way he was, it was hard to see him hurt John).