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Below the Belt

Below the Belt: A Worth the Fight Novel - Sidney Halston

I read this as an ARC from NetGalley.

I feel sort of ambivalent about it.  I liked the heroine, Francesca, enough.  She presents herself as tough and put together to hide her insecurities related to men.  I'm not so sure about the hero, Tony.  He's a bit of a dick with his jealousy and anger, but I guess that masks his insecurities, too.  I just sort of have issues with the fact that he doesn't do relationships and has a different woman with him constantly.  But he wants Francesca.  And she wants him, but she won't hook up with him because she doesn't do relationships or sex.  She avoids men, in general, except on a professional basis (she owns this WtF Academy that trains MMA fighters).  This makes her irresistible to Tony - a challenge.

They hook up for a quickie at a wedding.  Tony wants to do it again.  Francesca doesn't.  She tells him she's not interested - doesn't do relationships or one-night stands.  She doesn't want to be hurt.  So, this is my problem...  Tony says he doesn't do relationships and swears he won't hurt her, etc.  The irony.

This was just okay for me.  I'm kind of curious about Cain and Violet.  I think their story will be next based on the epilogue.  But, I'm not sure I'm curious enough to continue.