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Vegas Vacation

Vegas Vacation (Destination Desire) - Crystal Jordan

This was just okay for me.  There weren't any surprises or anything particular different about this story.

Some teachers go to Las Vegas for Spring Break.  Meg is the heroine.  She is reluctant to take the vacation.  She'd rather stay at home, but her friend Anne convinces her.  Anne convinces Meg to go because the hero, Finn, asks Anne to help him get Meg there.  Finn has liked Meg for some time.  He asked her on a date about a year ago and she refused.  Meg is attracted to Finn, but she has a "no dating fellow teachers" rule thanks for a previous experience.  Finn thinks if he can get Meg away from school and out of her comfort zone, he might have a chance with her.

Finn and Meg hook up in Vegas.  Meg puts a stipulation on it that it's for that one week only and they have to be discreet so their fellow teachers on the trip don't catch on.  Finn thinks he can convince Meg that they should be together for the long haul.

That's it in a nutshell.  There was a lot of sex, but nothing extraordinary and I actually found myself skipping over some of it (unusual for me).