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His Strings to Pull

His Strings to Pull (In the Line of Duty) - Cathryn Fox

This was not great for me.  Jenny is the heroine.  She's an adult woman of indeterminate age.  She makes her living as a lifeguard at the community pool.  Ving is the hero.  He's an adult man, also of indeterminate age.  He served in the military as a helicopter pilot, but he's apparently out of the military and it's not clear how he makes a living.  He does have a single mother for a neighbor and he's babysitting her three children while she works (I had the impression this was volunteer work, along with the dog training stuff).  Ving takes the kids to the pool and that's how he meets Jenny.  In an amazing coincidence, Ving served with Jenny's brother in the military, so we VERY briefly meet a couple other eligible bachelors who will probably feature in future books in the series.

So, they meet one day.  The next day, Ving asks her out on a date.  That evening, they have their date.  They have unprotected sex and fall deeply in love.

I found the dialogue awkward in places and I didn't buy the instant love at all.