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Complicated - Claire Kent

Noelle Adams/Claire Kent has pretty much become an auto-buy for me.  I've enjoyed everything I've read of hers.  Some more than others, but I've not actively disliked any of her books.  I liked this one.  It is short and it does start in the middle of an active sexual relationship.  Victoria is a librarian and she's stepped out of her comfort zone and volunteered for a political campaign.  While working on the political campaign, she meets Greg.  He's a businessman working for his brother's campaign.  He's also a widower with an older teenaged daughter (I think 19), but Victoria doesn't know about the daughter and the daughter doesn't know about Victoria.  Greg and Victoria have agreed to have a purely sexual relationship and they don't know a lot about the other's personal life.  Until the teen daughter finds out about Victoria and confronts her.  The daughter, Carrie, does it at Victoria's place of work and not in a nice way.  The story goes from there with Victoria's feelings about dealing with this conflict, given that it's supposed to be a purely sexual relationship.

There is a lot of sex.  And, although it's a short story, there is plenty of character development and I was able to sympathize.  I liked this a lot.