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Lorelei is a Not a Smart Lady

Lorelei (BBW Paranormal Shapeshifter Romance) (Alpha Marked Book 5) - Celia Kyle

This book is apparently number five in a series.  I picked it up without having read any of the previous books.  I was a bit lost and I wondered if it was because I didn't read any of the previous books.  I'm thinking that wouldn't be the case.  This seemed like a really hot mess.  There seemed to be a world and culture for these wolves, but it seemed like an ill-defined thing that just existed to add conflict to the story.  It's basically a forced mating.  Lorelei really only wants to go home, but then there's conflict and she's suddenly on board with mating these two men that she's known for 10 minutes.  In fact, she's concerned that it isn't what THEY want.  Give me a break.  There's nothing romantic about it.  There's no love.  There isn't even anything special about the sex - Zeke and Dylan have tag teamed women for years and have a routine.  Unbelievably, it's stated as such.  But they never do anything sexual with each other.  And it shows when one of them goes down on Lorelei while the other stands around watching (not in a sexy voyeur way).  I'd complain about the price ($2.99) in relation to the length of the story, but I'm really glad the story wasn't any longer.