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Elite Metal

Elite Metal: Eight-Novel Cohesive Military Romance Boxed Set (Elite Warriors Book 1) - Roxie Rivera, Sabrina York, Jennifer Kacey, Anna Alexander, Heather Long, Rebecca Royce, Saranna DeWylde

The idea of this looked interesting.  A couple groups of elite soldiers on a mission gone bad are reunited two years later to capture the man they failed to capture on their failed mission.  A different author writes each soldier’s story following the main plot.  So far, I have read Steele’s story and part of Chrome’s story.  I have not greatly enjoyed them like many other reviewers.  The first two seem to be written by the same author, though, (I have never read her before) so I have hope for the others and will keep going.

Bound by Steele - Jennifer Kacey and Anna Alexander

2 stars

Adam Steele led the failed mission.  He gave the go ahead to make a move on their target even though his CIA contact was MIA.  It resulted in many of his fellow soldiers being killed.  Two years later, he’s working on an oil rig under a different identity after his family has been told he died.  He’s drugged and abducted from the oil rig and taken to a secret compound where he meets Poppy, Alayna and the “ghosts”.  The ghosts and Poppy “work for” Warbucks, a secret benefactor who funds the “Elite Metal” team.  Alayna has been recruited already and they are trying to recruit Steele.  The first mission is “Red Wolf” - the man they were after on the failed mission.

Alayna is “Venus”, the CIA operative Steele used as a contact for the failed mission.  He does not know this, though.  He’s told Venus is dead, which is good, because he blames the failed mission on her.  He thinks she betrayed him and the other soldiers.  That’s not the case, though.  So, Steele and Alayna go to Las Vegas with a cover of being married and they’ll be going to a BDSM club to capture the CIA handler that gave up Alayna’s identity and caused the failed mission.

So, they’ve known each other less than a day and she’s licking his nipples through his shirt on the plane while he’s cupping her pussy.  By that evening, they’re having sex (of course he dominates her).  The next day, they’re in the BDSM club and he’s fucking on her while she’s strung from a hook by her bound hands on a stage in the club.  By this point, they both think they love the other.

Steele then finds out who Alayna is by reviewing pictures of their mark and noticing she’s very familiar with the Red Wolf.  He flips out and makes an asshole comment about putting his dick in the same place a terrorist has.  Like he had no idea what her job description entailed when she was a CIA operative.  I wanted to kick him in the junk.

It goes on from there.

For being undercover, they barely ever used their undercover names and actually spoke their real names out loud to each other constantly.  Alayna had supposedly been moving from shelter to shelter around the country for the two years since the failed mission, but had time to get a Brazilian.  Alayna was seriously injured during the failed mission and moved from shelter to shelter afterward to keep herself safe, but who paid for her medical care?  Why would they bother with that and then turn her out to live in shelters?  Also, I think another proofreader or two could've helped.  Blah.

I already have a good idea who the “ghosts” are and a theory about Warbucks, too.

Chrome's Salvation - Jennifer Kacey

2 stars

Chrome is on a flight to Colorado and Cammie is his seat mate.  She has a baby with her and the baby will not stop crying.  Chrome is super annoyed, but ends up making nice with Cammie.  Chrome seems like a decent guy.  Cammie seems interesting.  Chrome is fascinated with Cammie and follows her in the airport.  He’s drugged and abducted in the airport parking lot, though.  He’s taken to the secret compound where Steele tries to recruit him.  He doesn’t want anything to do with Elite Metal, but they end up blackmailing him with Cammie.  She’s the head of a domestic/international adoption agency and her young brother and sister have been kidnapped because she refused to along with an adoption scheme Red Wolf is planning.  Chrome becomes her protection until they get the brother and sister back.

Cammie turns in to the most uninteresting doormat once she’s paired with Chrome.  She acts like a teenager.  A whiny, crying teenager.  Definitely NOT the head of an international adoption agency.  And, of course, Chrome is a dominant and they’re having sex the first night together at Cammie’s house.  They missed the visit to the local BDSM club, but he has a "bag of toys" back home.

They both said "I love you" within 3 or 4 days of meeting.  Way too fast for me.

I hope the rest of these are not BDSM stories.  While I occasionally choose to read BDSM stories, I’m kind of picky about them.

Adamantium's Roar - Anna Alexander

2 stars

Beth is forced to whore herself out for a bookie named Chesterfield after her husband, Jason, racks up loans in excess of $500K and then dies in a car accident (after getting drunk and screwing around on Beth with two women at a bar).  Adamantium was friends with Beth and her husband in college and always had a thing for Beth.  He joined the military the day after Beth and Jason announced their engagement.  Two years after Jason died in the car accident, he sees Beth in a bar with Chesterfield.  She thinks he's dead and is shocked to see him when he follows her to the bathroom.  Once he finds out what Beth is doing, he decides to save her.  He "kidnaps" her from Chesterfield's house where she does nothing but keep herself in shape and prepared to whore herself out to whoever Chesterfield gives her to next.  Ant declares his love for her and he and Beth have sex at the hotel where he stashes her that night.  She fakes an orgasm just to get it over with.  She needs bondage, etc, to get off.  Later, they come across Chrome and Cammie having sex in the woods - Cammie is tied to some trees while Chrome whips her and that's when Ant discovers Beth's needs.  They go back to their cabin and have dirty sex where Ant calls her a slut and she goes cold on him.  This is where Sterling is introduced.  He's apparently a "true dom" and he spanks Beth a few times to convince her she's not a whore, but a slut.  Everything ends happily ever after.  Gag.

Pure Copper - Heather Long

4 stars

I enjoyed this one so much more than the others.  Copper (Sachi) and Gabriel are the main characters.  Copper is female and a member of Elite Metal.  Gabriel is an ex-CIA operative and he's one of three suspects that Copper has to investigate in relation to the failed mission two years ago.  Gabriel recognizes Copper from a couple of incidents prior to the failed mission.  Copper is a master at disguise, but he recognizes her walk/stride/sashay and has been trying to locate her.  When she's sent to investigate him, he recognizes her and sparks fly.  The tension was good and the feelings more believable than in the preceding stories.  Also, there wasn't any forced BDSM play, so that was a plus.

Sterling's Seduction - Sabrina York

2 stars

Eh.  Too quick.  Roni is a reporter for a National Enquirer type rag.  She's blackmailed in to it by her step-father.  He holds her wheelchair-bound sister "hostage" and he's sent her on a job to investigate the Elite Metal team.  Her cover is a waitress in Bone Daddy's (local MC dive) and Sterling recognizes her from the time he was a consultant on movie scripts between the time of the failed mission and joining Elite Metal - she planting recording equipment to dig up dirt on one of the movie's stars.  Anyway, Sterling is assigned to figure out what she's up to.  They end up having sex that evening and then he kidnaps her back to the Elite Metal compound where she spends the night in a cell.  The next day, she tells them she hates her step-father, about her sister and about how dirty her step-father is.  She ends up working with them and they let her stay with Sterling in his cabin, where he just happens to have a "play room".  They engage in spankings and restraints, etc.  He makes her call him "Sir".  They've known each other two days.  Woo hoo!


Platinum's Choice - Rebecca Royce

4 stars

I enjoyed Platinum's story.  I liked the back and forth between past and present and that the hero and heroine had that history.  It made the relationship so much more believable.  I also liked that Platinum was not chatty and open - that he only really opened up with Rose.

Mercury's Poison - Saranna DeWylde

4 stars

I enjoyed Mercury's story.  It was a little out there with his mad scientist history, but I liked his heroine and their story.

Forged in Silver - Roxie Rivera

3 stars

I liked this story, also.  However, I thought Poppy kind of deviated a lot from how she was presented throughout the other stories.  Then again, nothing of personal consequence was presented in the other stories, so that was probably a front.  She just seemed a bit too soft here.  I liked Silver's playfulness and that he didn't have a need to tie Poppy up and make her call him "Sir".