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Lighting the Flames

Lighting the Flames: A Hanukkah Story - Sarah Wendell

This was a free story by a book blogger.  It was pushed rather heavily, so I decided to give it a try.  It's a Hanukkah romance.  I'm not Jewish and I know VERY little about Hanukkah, but I thought it might have enough explanation for me to understand any details.  Unfortunately, it didn't really.

The story is about Gen and Jer (don't care for those shortened names, but they're used throughout).  They have a long history together and it's all based around their time together at summer camp.  They attended summer camp together as kids up through adults when they became counselors.  This particular year, the camp conducts "winter camp", which occurs during Hanukkah, as a way to further promote attendance for summer camp.  Along with the manager of the camp, they seem to be the only two counselors at winter camp for the week and they're chaperoning families numbering in the hundred range.  It seems like there should've been more counselors!!!

Anyway, there was a LOT of detail about camp life.  I've never attended Jewish camp, let alone regular camp.  So, a lot of the details were lost on me.  Like "color wars".  Sure, they split the campers in to teams and the teams are assigned a color and each team somehow gathers points.  That's all I got out of it, despite all the talking about it.  A lot was lost on me, I guess.

I enjoyed the romance aspect of it (there's nothing but kissing, FYI).  It was pretty slow moving and I wish the back story with the hero and heroine had been explained a little better.  For example, if the hero lives 45 minutes away from the heroine and her family (when she wasn't in Iceland) and they don't see each other in person outside of camp (there is some contact via email and social media), how is it that his family handles the funeral ritual for hers?  But, still, the romance part of it was sweet and I was glad they got their HEA.