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Double Her Pleasure

Double Her Pleasure - Tanya Sands

This is a DNF for me.  I read to 27% and couldn't stop rolling my eyes.  Had I ordered the Kindle version, I would return it for a refund.  I read the excerpt before buying, but I should've downloaded a sample, too.

This is total fantasy.  Randa is the heroine.  She's somewhere in her forties and she's apparently set for life.  She's been married twice and has two grown boys.  She doesn't need to work, but she takes a small salary from an animal rescue/hospital place that she helps fund.  She acts as the admin/HR person, apparently.  The place has recently hired on two vets.  And it just so happens those two vets are the heroes - Chase and Jack.  They have moved in next door to Randa, but none of them know they'll be working together when they first meet.  The first meeting takes place when the guys are moving in and have a number of male friends over to help them.  They have a BBQ going outside and Randa steps in to her back yard after work to swim.  All of the men immediately stop what they're doing to ogle her.  She's a size 18 and they ALL love big women.  Of course, she's in excellent shape, but she just has curves.  She is JUST WHAT Jack and Chase want.  They aren't gay or bisexual, but they insist on sharing a woman.  In fact, they tell Randa they are a package deal and if she isn't attracted to both of them, they're not interested.

So, I have no idea what they see in Randa.  Apparently it's just based on appearances because they know NOTHING about her.  They see her and it's instant lust and them immediately "it feels like something more".  She is not nice to them.  She barely speaks to them.  And she has absolutely no self-confidence.  It's horrifying at how little confidence she has and how she just blurts it out to Jack and Chase.

Jack and Chase are creepy.  The second time they meet Randa is at work when they all discover that they'll have to work together.  She takes them to a room to complete paperwork and they pretty much make a Randa-pie out of her.  One pressing up against her front and the other up against her back.  At their place of work.  And then they pursue her that evening after work - they bother her while she's swimming in her yard.  Inviting her repeatedly to their place for dinner and giving her flowers.  It's really creepy.  I think they are supposed to be portrayed as dominant, but it comes off stalker-like.

I just could not continue.  This seems very much like an insecure fat girl's fantasy - having multiple men worship the ground you walk on and say everything to convince you that you are desirable.  Convince yourself, girlfriend.