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Grinding Gears

Grinding Gears (Bad Boys of Racing, Book 2) - Lissa Matthews

This was okay for me.  The racing setting seemed like it could be interesting, but it ended up not being a huge draw for me.  I didn't read the first book in this series, so I may have missed some background, but I didn't really like Allison, the heroine.  She was very prickly and grumpy and generally mean to the hero, Jason.  He chased her so hard, at first.  And he didn't even know her.  They were set up on a blind date.  Well, Jason knew it was a blind date.  Alli thought she was meeting her friend Grant, but he didn't show up and Jason explained they were supposed to have a blind date.  Odd, really.  But, anyway, he came on so strong and she resisted.  And then Alli alternated between hot and cold.  And, finally, Jason backed off a bit.  Too many games.  And I could've done without knowing the nugget about Jason seducing his high school math teacher after graduation.  Ewww.