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Pucked - Helena Hunting

In the end, I liked this. I'm not a fan of New Adult. The plots are usually crazy with the hero and/or heroine having endured horrendous life events and it's just too crazy for me to believe. This story didn't really follow that formula. It is crass. There's a lot of cock and beaver talk. It does get to be a bit much, but it's probably in keeping with the age.

Violet is the heroine. She's 22. Alex is the hero. He's 25. Violet is out of college and working as an accountant managing sports players finances. Alex is a hockey player in the NHL. He's on the same team as Violet's step brother, Buck. Violet and Alex meet at an after game party and have what Violet expects to be a one night stand (something she doesn't normally do). This is despite Violet having a really bad impression of hockey players thanks to her step brother and someone she recently dated.


I didn't think I was going to like Violet very much. My first impression was spoiled princess. And she is, somewhat. She has no filter. No impulse control. She opens her mouth and all kinds of inappropriate comes out. Her step brother, Buck, is basically a manwhore. She is constantly referring to him as a hairy yeti and commenting on his whoriness.


Alex is sweet and very in to Violet. He pursues her almost to the point of being stalker. Violet worships his monster cock. It's funny, but it does get to be a bit much. Especially at the end with the "outfit".


Alex is a really fallible hero. He also has no impulse control, but in a different way from Violet. He wants Violet, but he wants to look out for his career, too, so he's knowingly followed bad advice from his agent. And he continues to follow bad advice from his agent while hiding it from Violet. And Violet has an inkling that it's happening. She knows about the Bachelor thing and never once questions him seriously about it, despite meeting his family and friends and spending an inordinate amount of time together. So, there are mistakes that kind of made me feel Alex was weak of character. But, they both show some growth. And I think the behavior is probably in line with the age. It was a fun read.