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Fighting Attraction

Fighting Attraction - D.K. Lawsan

I won this from a BookLikes giveaway.

It was very short; 58 pages, I think. It was just okay. It needs further editing. There are missing and repeated words and it flops back and forth between past and present tense. In the same sentence. Repeatedly.

The story itself feels like some woman's wet dream. Ella has recently broken up with her long term boyfriend and her friend Cara is trying to find her a rebound guy. Cara drags Ella to a "Fight Club" place one evening and Ella drools over one of the fighters, Grayson. Ella falls in the parking lot and Cara doesn't notice and keeps walking. Grayson helps her up and walks her to where Cara parked. And, it's insta-lust.

Grayson walks away, but then approaches her at a night club and asks her decorate one of his restaurants. He also tells her he intends to pursue her and she demures because she doesn't want to sleep with a business associate. So, Grayson knows her name. He knows what she does for a living. And he knows her cell phone number. He also knows where she lives. Despite the fact that she only introduced herself as "Ella" in the parking lot after the fight.

So, Grayson goes out with other women because he's a player and he's rich. He seems to actually follow Ella to a bar with his date one night. It's very odd. Creepy and stalkerish. I can't figure out why they like each other. Seems like just lust. Just, "Eh"...