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Losing Control

Losing Control (A Babysitting a Billionaire Novel) - Nina Croft

I'm not sure what to say about this. The writing was okay. The editing was decent. I just didn't like the heroine. I'm not sure I even liked the hero. They were pretty one dimensional.


Jake is the hero. He's not hurting for money. Among other business dealings, he owns a security company. Kim is the heroine. Jake is her boss. He saved her from a controlling marriage to what turned out to be a gay man. Jake has apparently loved her as long as he's known her, but she was too young and damaged, so he never shared his feelings. Instead, he's been her friend and mentor.


Kim wants to be a bodyguard. She fixates on that the entire book. But, she seems totally unqualified. I could not buy it. Not at all. She seems clueless and terminally distracted.

Jake finally lets it be known that he wants her when she decides she might like to hook up with a new co-worker named Steve. None of her other male co-workers seem to notice she's even a female, but she thinks she might have a chance with Steve because he's new. It turns out that Jake warns every male he hires off of approaching Kim. Creepy. Anyway, Jake warns off Steve again and tells Kim she should've come to him to have her needs met.


Kim spends most of the rest of the book in denial that Jake wants her. She insists she just wants to be friends, etc, etc, etc.


And it's all wrapped up very quickly in the last 15% of the book. Not a big fan of the characters.