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Garrett is a Dick

Garrett - Sawyer Bennett

I didn't care for this. I read the first book, Alex, and enjoyed it enough to continue the series. But, Garrett, was disappointing for me.


Olivia is the heroine. She's very recently been diagnosed with cancer. She works for her best friend, Stevie, who owns a florist shop. She does flower arrangements, but also helps him with his books since she has a business degree. Garrett is the hero. He's a hockey player and he's a manwhore. In the previous book, he was portrayed as a manwhore, but as treating the women really well. So, this book opens with him waking up in bed with two women and he can't recall either of their names. Very nice.


Olivia meets Garrett at a party and he tries to bang her, but she turns him down. Later, after she relates what has happened to Stevie, he convinces her to live life to the fullest while she can. So, she decides to have a one-night stand and thinks Garrett is the perfect man given his reputation (and she won't need to tell him about the cancer because there won't be an attachment). She doesn't think she'll see him again, though. It turns out that he can't stop thinking about her and shows up at her place of work (she'd mentioned the name of the business when she spoke to him at the party). And so it begins.


Aside from the cancer, Olivia leads a charmed life. She works for her best friend and apparently has absolutely no problem getting time off. And I guess money isn't a worry since she doesn't seem to feel a need to be at work to earn money. She also seems to have great insurance because there's not a worry about covering the cost of the cancer treatments and all the diagnostics. And she can afford a two bedroom apartment. It's stated that she's very witty. It's one of the things Garrett loves about her, but I didn't see any super witty dialogue. She's gorgeous, too, of course.


Garrett falls in lust with Olivia's wit and vagina immediately. After having sex with her twice, he feels betrayed when he finally finds out she has cancer. He gets really pissed at his friends who knew, but didn't tell him at Olivia's request and is offended when they mention his manwhore ways and thinking he wouldn't be interested long enough for it to be mentioned. Anyway, he's there for Olivia for the chemo treatments and the sickness afterward. But, he's still basically a dick. He acted like a spurned teenager at the end when he decided he was going to hurt Olivia back for hurting him. He went about it in a really pussy-like way.