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Breaking a Legend

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Breaking a Legend - Sarah  Robinson

I received this as an ARC.


I looked forward to this. Based on the description, it seemed like a story I would enjoy. I didn't really enjoy it, though. I felt like I never really knew Rory, the hero, or Clare, the heroine. They both have personal issues. Rory is an ex-MMA fighter thanks to a severe injury that occurred during his last fight (about a year ago). He's addicted to pain pills and alcohol and random sex. Clare is running from her abusive ex-boyfriend. They meet at the bar where Clare is the new bartender and it's lust at first sight.


Rory and Clare seemed disjointed and contradictory. They were also clueless. They weren't observant of each other so one didn't see what was going on with the other. By about the 72% mark, I started skimming. This was just not for me.