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Swan - Katherine Hole

I've read to 65% and I'm probably going to stop. I'm not invested in the story. I don't care for the heroine, Maddy. She isn't presented as a very nice person, although she's probably more true-to-life than most book characters. She has self-worth issues and she's judgemental. She's also lacking in common sense. She's in major debt and applies for another credit card so she can afford to get a makeover. I feel like I still don't know the hero, David. The reader knows him as well as Maddy does at this point and she thinks she's in love with him. And she tells him, even though he's hiding things and she knows he's hiding things.


Her sister's behavior was over the top. Who gets away with threatening and then slapping a receptionist and attacking a parking officer (I guess - this is London-based and I'm American, so I'm unfamiliar with some of the terminology used) without any repercussions at all?


So, at this point, Maddy just told David that she loves him after coming clean about her age, her debt, etc. David then proceeded to get Maddy drunk and told her his real identity. I should be eager to find out what happens next. But, I'm not. Instead, I'm wondering what crazy stupid decision one of them is going to make that's going to make me want to throw my Kindle. I think it's better to just not continue.




I did finish this. I was so close to the end and I hate to not finish books, even if I'm not enjoying them. It didn't get any better, unfortunately. I saw this tagged as "satire" somewhere. It did sort of have every crazy scenario you read about celebrities in the gossip rags. But, it really wasn't funny. The characters weren't nice. Chet has an anger and/or ego problem (seems like the anger shows when his ego is dented). Maddy is a doormat who immediately apologizes at the first hint of Chet's anger. The only somewhat "nice" person in the book is Alice and she "snogged" the boss to get a job. So...