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Game Play

Game Play - Lynda Aicher

I saw this recommended in a lot of places and it was on sale for $.99 for Kindle, so I picked it up.  The second book was also $.99, so I picked it up, too.  Anyway, it was a good story.  Dylan is the hero.  He's a hockey player for the Minnesota Glaciers.  He has a carefully cultivated image as a bit of a bad boy, but it's mostly image.  Sam is the heroine and she played hockey for the University of Minnesota Lady Gophers.  She also played hockey for team USA.  She's in her last semester of college and is no longer eligible to play hockey, so she's been in a bit of a funk and is very resentful that she can't progress further in hockey because she's female.  She "schools" Dylan on the ice at an event they're both participating in and that's how they meet.


Dylan likes Sam from the beginning, even though he's not looking for a relationship.  He has specific goals about hockey and his career.  Sam also likes Dylan, but she's sworn off men because of a previous experience with men in hockey.  They end up hooking up, but Sam tries to keep it totally emotionless.


And, that's how the story goes.  It's a bunch of hot/cold from Sam while Dylan is kind of clueless.  Sam tells him, but he doesn't seem to really get it.


I understood Sam's issue and her feelings about the glass ceiling in hockey.  I just don't know that I liked her.  I'm not sure how much I liked Dylan, either.  I did like that the story contained hockey talk (not a hockey person, so not sure how correct it was) - analysis of players and plays, etc.  It dealt with the unsureness of contracts.  All of the hockey players weren't automatically best buds - they were portrayed as competitive when it came to contracts and position on the team.  All the other hockey players didn't automatically love Sam and want to coddle her (most barely knew about her).  And the hockey wife/girlfriend club didn't exist.  There wasn't any "hockey bunny" conflict, either, which was hugely refreshing.  There were references to hockey bunnies.  Especially in the beginning, but no conflict around them, etc.